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Corporate and External Relationships

The Department of Statistics and Data Sciences has ongoing relationships with external corporations and other external organizations. We foster our existing relationships, and we encourage the development of new relationships with local, state, and national companies, corporations, and organizations.

Benefits to Corporations and external organizations can include:

  • direct contact with our students and alumni for purposes of employee or internship recruiting

    • presentations to undergraduates through such venues as our Statistics in Action series
    • presentations at Brown Bag Lunches for our graduate students and alumni
    • access to our alumni group for posting job opportunities
  • direct contact with our faculty for purposes of furthering mutual research interests
    • invitations to interactive events such as “Speed Data-ing”
    • notification and invitation to attend faculty and visitor presentations and seminars
    •  featured SSI Industry Panel representation, or representation at other external-facing SSI events
    • sponsorship of a course or support for SSI is acknowledged on T-shirts, website, and other promotional and course materials
  • opportunities tailored to each unique relationship

    • In 2013, SDS consultants offered a 12-hour, on-site training course in the R software package over two days in July, introducing DSHS employees to using R for data analysis and visualization. Contact consulting if you are interested in a possible custom short course or training in statistical software.
  • other events, seminars, and educational/training opportunities

Benefits to SDS from these corporate relationships can include:

  • support for our educational programs
  • support for our research programs
  • exposure for our students and faculty to work with professionals and real-world problems, issues, and datasets
  • opportunities for job placement or internships for our students
  • increased awareness of the needs of industry in various fields
  • opportunity to design and modify our educational programs to better prepare our students for their workforce contribution to society and industry
  • opportunity to align our research projects and goals with the needs of education and industry

For more information about developing Corporate and External Relationships with SDS,please contact the College of Natural Sciences Office of Development at 512-471-3299 or email cnsgiving@austin.utexas.edu.