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Trainees will rotate through at least two labs as part of this program. The labs encompass research involving many diseases including cancer, dementia, kidney disease, stroke, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases (influenza, SARS, and HIV), and obesity.







dr kevin bozic dell medical schoolBozic Lab (Kevin Bozic, DMS)

Dr. Bozic's clinical interests are in the management of patients with arthritis of the hip and knee, with an emphasis on primary and revision hip and knee replacement surgery. His research interests are broadly in the fields of health policy and health care services research, and specifically in the areas of healthcare technology assessment, cost-effectiveness analysis, shared medical decision making, and the impact of healthcare reform on cost and quality. Dr. Bozic is working to implement and evaluate new models of care delivery as well as new value-based payment models. Dr. Bozic's research focuses on the implementation and evaluation of novel, value-based healthcare delivery and payment models. He is also overseeing the development of integrated practice units (IPUs) for musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis. Currently, Dr. Bozic's team is also working on defining different value-based payment models to make the IPU model feasible and incentivize appropriate treatment decisions by the care team. The team also plans to establish a system for collecting data for a musculoskeletal disease registry. Dr. Bozic has established a joint replacement registry in California, and has extensive experience in using large databases to conduct outcomes and comparative effectiveness analysis.

dr steven warach dell medWarach Lab (Steven Warach, DMS and Seton Healthcare Family)

Warach's research group focuses on clinical trials and large international registries related to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of stroke. The group conducts MRI biomarker and therapeutic studies of ischemic stroke and clinical trials testing novel reversal agents to newer oral anti-coagulants in patients suffering anti-coagulant induced hemorrhages. Warach is national co-PI of MR WITNESS, an NINDS-funded clinical trial of tPA using MRI markers to select patients. Through leadership roles in multi-center trials Warach has access to large clinical research databases that would be accessible for the trainees. One example is the Virtual International Stroke Trials Archive (VISTA),http://www.vista.gla.ac.uk/, a database of over 80,000 individual patient records, from large clinical trials and patient registries. Warach also chairs and hosts at the University of Texas at Austin the Stroke Imaging Research Repository (STIR), a VISTA-afiliate that includes source data of MRI from clinical trials and registries.