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Seminar Series - Avi Feller
Friday, December 01, 2017, 02:00pm - 03:00pm
Contact Rachel Poole


Avi Feller (Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California Berkeley)

Title: Principal Stratification in Multi-site Trial 
(joint work with Luke Miratrix and Lo-Hua Yuan)

Abstract: Randomized trials are often conducted at multiple physical sites, with separate randomizations across, for example, schools, voting districts, or hospitals. These sites can differ in important ways, including the site’s implementation, local conditions, and the composition of individuals. An important question in practice is whether—and under what assumptions—researchers can leverage this cross-site variation to learn more about the intervention. We address these questions in the principal stratification framework, which describes causal effects for subgroups defined by post-treatment quantities. We show that researchers can estimate certain principal causal effects via the multi-site design if they are willing to impose the strong assumption that the site-specific effects are uncorrelated with the site-specific distribution of stratum membership. We motivate this approach with a multi-site trial of the Early College High School Initiative, a unique secondary education program with the goal of increasing high school graduation rates and college enrollment. Our analyses corroborate previous studies showing that the initiative had little to no effect for students who had a high-quality high school as an alternative choice, but substantial effects for students who would have otherwise attended a low-quality high school. This suggests potential benefit in expanding the Early College programs in areas that have low-quality schools.

Location: CBA 4.328