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Program Description

The Master of Science in Data Science Online program is a true partnership between the Department of Statistics and Data Sciences and the Department of Computer Science. This exciting new 100% online program gives students the foundational knowledge in statistical theory while preparing them to apply their skills in the computer science realm. 

With a curriculum that includes courses such as simulation, visualization, machine learning, and optimization, students can expect a rigorous curriculum that combines ideas and methods from both a statistical and computer science perspective. Data science is a booming field with various applications in burgeoning and innovative industries—our program ensures that graduates have the skill set to be competitive candidates in the job market.

In addition, we are committed to bringing the highest quality degree to the largest number of students possible, by removing potential cost barriers. The result: a degree that has a total tuition cost of just $10,000.

Join us living the UT Austin motto: "What start here changes the world."

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