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Kate Calder

 Dr. Catherine (Kate) Calder

Email: calder@austin.utexas.edu
(512) 471-7695







Kristin Harvey

 Dr. Kristin Harvey

Email: kharvey@utexas.edu
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Phone: 512-475-8566







Vicki KellerVicki L. Keller

Email: vkeller@austin.utexas.edu
Assistant Director for Administration

(512) 232-0679





Sasha Schellenberg

Sasha Schellenberg

Email: sasha.schellenberg@austin.utexas.edu
Administrative Manager
(512) 232-9217







Victoria ObiomaVictoria Obioma

Email: vobioma@austin.utexas.edu
Sr. Admininstrative Associate
HR Contact, Financials/Reimbursements, Department Purchasing
(512) 232-0691






IMG 0112Jeanene Imerzel

Email: jeanene.imerzel@austin.utexas.edu
Sr. Grants and Contracts Specialist
(512) 475-8788







Abby Black

Abby Black

Email: black@austin.utexas.edu
Program Coordinator
Course Scheduling, GPC Room Requests, MS in Statistics, Graduate Academic Support
(512) 471 - 7618






Amara UlghaniAmarah Ulghani

Email: amarah@austin.utexas.edu
Admininstrative Associate
Administrative Support for SDS Chair, Seminar Series
(512) 232-0693






Sanaya NastaSanaya Nasta

Email: sanaya.nasta@austin.utexas.edu
Student Assistant
Software Short Courses, Copy Requests
(512) 232-0693







Laura GarciaLaura Garcia

Email: laura.garcia@austin.utexas.edu
Student Assistant
Summer Statistics Institute
(512) 232-0693





Stat Cat.1Stat Cat
Statistics Enthusiast
(512) 232-0693