IrajIraj Kazemi

Visiting Faculty, SDS
GDC 7.308

Technical Areas of Interest: My research is mainly on the development of GLMMs in transition longitudinal data using Bayesian and frequentist approaches.  Particularly, I am interested in flexible modeling of random effects using non-parametric Bayesian methods and improving the asymptotic properties of MLEs in dynamic panel data models with the initial conditions problem.  I am currently working on the analysis of specific cases of longitudinal count data using penalized splines to account for time trends and varying exposure with an application to medical studies.

Dates of Residence: February 2017

Education: I received my Ph.D. in Applied Statistics from the University of Lancaster, England in 2005, Master in Applied Statistics in 1993 from Shiraz University, and B.Sc. in Statistics from Shiraz University in 1991.

Position: Associate Professor at the University of Isfahan.


yang ni newYang Ni

Postdoctoral Fellow, SDS
GDC 7.509

Technical Areas of Interest: Graphical models, Bayesian nonparametrics, variable selection, clustering and feature allocation, semiparametric modeling, data mining, multivariate analysis, clinical trials, biostatistics, and bioinformatics. 

Dates of Residence: January 2016

Background:Yang is quite athletic and energetic. He enjoys playing Texas Hold'em and basketball. In additon to this, he likes to engage in weight lifting and swimming but is not too fond of running.

Education: Ph.D., Statistics, Rice University, 2015