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Ph.D. Executive Committee Ph.D. Graduate Studies Committee 

Executive Committee

carvalho2Carvalho, Carlos
SDS & Department of IROM
Research: Bayesian statistics in complex, high-dimensional problems with applications ranging from finance to genomics

Damien, Pauldamien
Department of IROM
Research: Bayesian methods, knowledge management, option pricing, risk management

Meyers, Lauren A.meyers
SDS & Section of Integrative Biology
Research: Mathematical epidemiology and theoretical evolutionary biology

MuellerMueller, Peter
SDS & Department of Mathematics
Research: Nonparametric Bayes, optimal design and decision problems, clinical trial design

murrayMurray, Jared
Department of IROM

sagerSager, Thomas W.
Department of IROM
Research: Statistical analysis

abhra 0051 1Sarkar, Abhra
ResearchDeveloping sophisticated Bayesian non and semiparametric methods

Sarkar PSarkar, Purnamrita
large scale statistical machine learning problems with a focus on statistical models, asymptotic theory and scalable inference algorithms for large networks

Scott, Jamesscott
SDS & Department of IROM
Research: Bayesian model selection and multiple testing; connections between machine learning, compressed sensing, and Bayesian shrinkage estimation; variable selection and high-dimensional inference in non-linear, non-Gaussian models; and structured models for covariance matrices
shivelyShively, Thomas S.
Department of IROM
Research: Time series regression models, nonparametric regression models, model selection, hierarchical Bayes models, marketing research and the statistical analysis of air pollution data
Walker, Stephenwalker
SDS & Department of Mathematics
Research: Bayesian parametric and nonparametric methods with applications in medical statistics

williamson SWilliamson, Sinead
SDS & Department of IROM
Research: Nonparametric Bayesian methods for machine learning, dependent nonparametric processes, nonparametric latent variable methods

Zhou, Mingyuanzhou
Department of IROM
Research: Bayesian statistics, machine learning; developing statistical theory and methods, hierarchical models, and efficient Bayesian inference for big data; nonparametric Bayesian modeling
Zigler ImageZigler, Cory
Research: Bayesian methods, causal inference, comparative effectiveness research, spatial statistics, and environmental health data science



Graduate Studies Committee


adamsAdams, Paul
Department of Geography & the Environment
Research: Geography of communication technologies; representation of space and place

BeretvasBeretvas, Natasha S.
Department of Educational Psychology
Research: Application and evaluation of psychometric and statistical models, HLM, and meta-analytic techniques
Topics willing to supervise: multilevel (hierarchical) models, structural equation models, meta-analytic modeling techniques, psychometric models

Bickel 2Bickel, Eric J.  
Graduate Program in Operations Research
Research: Decision theory and its applications in the areas of energy, climate, economics, finance, and sports.
Topics willing to supervise: Entropy, strictly proper scoring rules, forecast verification, modeling of dependence, applications of decision theory

brocketBrockett, Patrick L.
Department of IROM
Research: Information systems, risk management, statistical analysis

CormackCormack, Lawrence
Department of Psychology
Research: Contrast processing in stereoscopic vision

dhillonDhillon, Inderjit
Department of Computer Science
Research: Data mining, machine learning, numerical linear algebra, scientific computing, numerical optimization, bioinformatics

djurdjanovic draganDjurdjanovic, Dragan
Mechanical Engineering Department
Research: Maintenance decision-making in flexible and reconfigurable systems, applications of advanced signal processing in biomedical engineering

GreenbergGreenberg, Betsy S.
Department of IROM
Research: Statistical analysis

hasenbein johnHasenbein, John J.
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Research: Stochastic modeling, especially of complex manufacturing, computer, and telecommunication network systems
Topics willing to supervise: Queueing models and Markov decision processes (stochastic dynamic programming).

jessee1Jessee, Stephen
Department of Government
Research: American politics and statistical methodology, specifically political behavior using Bayesian statistics, ideal point estimation, and hierarchical models
Topics willing to supervise: Voting, public opinion, political behavior, ideology, judicial politics, legislative politics

KeittKeitt, Timothy H.
Section of Integrative Biology
Research: Importance of pattern and scale in landscapes in modifying ecological and evolutionary processes

KendrickKendrick, David
Department of Economics
Research: Control theory, stochastic modeling, computational economics, macroeconomics, and microeconomics

LinLin, Tse-Min
Department of Government
Research: Methodology, formal theory, & American and comparative political behavior

lueckeweb2 Luecke, John E.
Department of Mathematics
Research: Topology and knot theory

LuskinRLuskin, Robert
Department of Government
Research: Political behavior, methodology, public opinion, voting behavior, and statistical methods

morrice dMorrice, Douglas J.
Department of IROM
Research: Management science and supply chain management

Musick Marc 200607303Musick, Marc
Department of Sociology
Research: Medical sociology—social factors and health; religion and health; sociology of aging and the life course; and social psychology

PowersPowers, Daniel A.
Department of Sociology
Research: Substantive and methodological issues related to non-marital fertility and infant mortality.

PressPress, William
Department of Computer Science & Section of Integrative Biology
Research: Computational biology, genomics, and computational statistical methods

roberts brianRoberts, Brian
Department of Government
Research: American political institutions, interest groups, and positive political economy

saar TsechSaar-Tsechansky, Maytal
Department of IROM
Research: Data mining

Sarkar-CRSarkar, Sahotra
Section of Integrative Biology & Department of Philosophy
Research: Computational and mathematical biology, especially ecology and conservation biology

StolpeStolp, Chandler W.
LBJ School of Public Affairs
Research: Social policy evaluation, western hemispheric economic integration, and the application of innovative statistical methods in "messy" data environments

vonhippelVon Hippel, Paul
LBJ School of Public Affairs
Research: Statistics, demographic analysis, education policy, healthcare

wilkeWilke, Claus O.
Section of Integrative Biology
Research: Computational biology—using bioinformatical and statistical methods to analyze biological data sets, in particular whole-genome and high-throughput data sets