Instructor Accommodation

Resources and information for Statistics and Data Sciences course instructors

For instructors of a coordinated course in Statistics and Data Sciences who will be utilizing the accommodations provided by the department, please gather your accommodations notices from students and fill in the spreadsheet below. Save the file with your last name first and submit the file to

Click to download the blank spreadsheet: Accommodation Spreadsheet

To prepare for exams, please have your files uploaded no later than two weeks prior to your first exam. You are responsible for ensuring your exams and formula sheets are provided to the TA for proctoring. Please follow directions in the email sent to instructors at the beginning of the semester. Be sure all copies are provided to the designated location by 8 a.m. on test day. When proctoring of the exams is completed, exams will be placed back in your folder. 

The proctor in charge of accommodations will handle contacting students and setting up the accommodations schedule for each student.