Teaching Lab Courses

Statistics and Data Sciences (SDS) course labs are held in FAC 101B and WEL 2.144 every semester. Should you or a TA find either lab locked during class time, you can contact SDS Administrators at 512-232-0693 or contact the building administrators directly at Building Access and Control Systems (FAC Lab) at (512) 471-6878 or chemistry facilities (WEL Lab) at (512) 471-2020

Classroom Emergency Procedures:

  • Call 911
  • Call emergency student services at 512-471-5017
  • Contact the course instructor and SDS

Classroom Technology Issues:

  • Please call 512 232-9173

Please email SDS administrators at stat.admin@austin.utexas.edu should you come across broken computers or room/software issues that are non-urgent at any time so that we may address them appropriately.