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Below are links to help users of the software most frequently used by our clients to solve mathematical and scientific computation problems.

Software Specific Links


CPLEX Website

CPLEX consists of libraries specializing in optimization procedures for linear, quadratic and mixed integer programming.

IMSL Resources from Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave acquired Visual Numerics, the developer of IMSL, in 2009. Their website offers C, Fortran, and Java libraries and Python wrappers.

Maple at MapleSoft

This is a web site maintained by the developers of Maple. The site covers topics including product information, tutorials, FAQs, and free add-on packages contributed by Maple users from around the world.

Maple Manuals at UT Austin

There are some manuals on Maple available in various UT libraries. You can find reference materials by searching the UT Library Online Catalog with the keywords "maple manual".

Mathematica Technical Support

Online documentation, help with installation, forums, screencasts, training, demo projects, and more.

Matlab Documentation from MathWorks, Inc.

On-line documentation to help you get started and explore the numerous functionalities of Matlab and Simulink.