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1. Moving rows to columns

Moving rows to columns


I have data in rows and I want them to be in columns. I'm using Minitab. How can I do this?


You can easily transpose rows to columns using the Transpose columns option available from the Manip menu.

In the example data set shown below, variable names are listed in column one and the corresponding values for each case are entered in columns two through eleven. The original data set appears as follows:

Minitab 1 1

To transpose rows to columns, choose the following menu options:


Transpose columns...

Selecting this option will produce the following dialog box:

Minitab 1 2

Notice that the columns and their associated names are listed in the large box to the left. Select the columns to be transposed by double clicking on their names. This will move them over to the Transpose the following columns: box.

If variable names have been listed in one of the existing columns, then click inside the Create variable names using column: box. Next, double click the name of the column containing the variable names and it will be moved over to this box. Make sure the In new worksheet option is checked in order to enter the transposed data into a new worksheet. For our example, the dialog box now appears as follows:

Minitab 1 3

Next click the OK button and the data will be transposed.

In our example the newly created data file appears as follows:

Minitab 1 4

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