This list is in no way exhaustive of the many statistics related sites available on the Internet. It is, however, a list of the most common links that we and our clients use on a regular basis.

General Links

SSC Statistical FAQs

A searchable index of questions frequently asked by our clients. Includes general statistical topics, as well as software-specific questions for AMOS, HLM, Lisrel, Minitab, Mplus, SAS, & SPSS.

David Garson's Statnotes

A great resource for the majority of statistical tests and procedures. Includes a detailed write-up of each test and in most cases includes annotated SPSS output.

A New View of Statistics

From Will G. Hopkins preface page: "I have written these pages for researchers and students in the sport and exercise sciences. I also hope to get hits from students and researchers struggling to understand stats in other disciplines." A great general introduction to basic statistical methods.

UCLA's Statistical Computing Page

Another good resource for explanations of several statistical tests and several statistical packages including HLM, Mplus, and SAS. This page also has chapter datasets from a few popular statistical texts.


Sponsored by the University of Michigan, the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research is a great place to look for primary source datasets.

David Kenny's Mediation

David Kenny has a great website that does a good job at explaining the general concepts and rationale of standard mediation accomplished through regression techniques. Also see the Moderation and Mediation Help Center for an easy mediation calculator for three variables.

Kristopher Preacher's Tools for Interactions

This site uses the techniques outlined in Aiken & West (1991) to graph regression interactions for OLS, HLM, and Latent Curve models.

CISED Index to Statistics 

A bibliographic database of applied and theoretical statistical literature from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. 

Software Specific Links

SAS Online Documentation 

Provides full documentation of SAS software, including the data step and STAT procedures such as regression, ANOVA, categorical data analysis, multivariate procedures, and more. For each SAS/STAT procedure, syntax rules and examples are provided.


Contains fixes, scripts, macros, and sample data sets. Plus: Have you ever wondered exactly what equations SPSS uses to calculate a Wilcoxon sign-rank test, to perform a K-means cluster analysis, or to produce a Greenhouse-Geisser test of within-subject effects? Now you can find out in the SPSS algorithms document.

SAS Global Forum (Previously called SUGI Proceedings)

Provides full text of presentations made at the conference of SAS Users' Group International, including such topics as: "How to Use the Data Step Debugger," "Web Publishing in SAS Software," "Anyone can learn PROC TABULATE," "PROC MEANS: More than just your average procedure," "Using Macro functions," "Determining curvilinear relationships in PROC REG," "Getting started with PROC LOGISTIC," "Custom design of complicated block experiments," and more.

JMP Technical Support

JMP Technical Support provides a wide range of FAQs, White Papers, and Webcasts to get users up to speed on one of the most exciting new software packages.


The MINITAB website provides a list of the most frequently asked MINITAB support questions and their answers.