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SSI Course Spotlight: Introduction to SQL and Relational Database Design

The Department of Statistics and Data Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin is hosting the 13th annual UT Summer Statistics Institute (SSI) May 26–29, 2020! Learn more and register.

What is the course?

This course will teach interested parties the basics of relational database design and Structured Query Language (SQL). Participants will get the opportunity to design their own database and learn how to input and extract data using SQL. This course focuses on the best practices of relational database design as well as provides a broad overview of the different types of queries used to retrieve data from a relational database. The technology used will include Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server. The material taught in this class can be applied to many different technology platforms

Who can take this course?

People who are interested in learning about relational databases and how to use them, specifically how to input, retrieve, and analyze data using Structured Query Language (SQL) should take this course.

What are the requirements to enroll? 

A personal Windows laptop with 32 or 84 bit with windows 7,8, or 10, is required. The compuuter must have MS access or SQL Server 2014 express edition, installed. This summer all courses will be offered online and will have a one hour synchronous session in the morning, an asynchronous session time for participants to run through exercises and/or comprehension checks, another one hour synchronous session in the afternoon, follow up exercises if applicable before the next morning session. 

Who is teaching the course? 

Chris Golbski, lecturer, is teaching this class at 9 AM and 11 PM. Chris Golubski is a doctoral student in mathematics education at The University of Texas at Austin, specializing in statistics education. He is also simultaneously pursuing a master’s degree in statistics. He currently holds a Master of Science in Mathematics and teaches at several local colleges in Austin with over 15 years of educational and professional experience in mathematics and computer science. Chris also does IT consulting and software development in the area.

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