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Nathaniel Woodward Represents SDS at the 2019 UT Austin Family Weekend

Nathaniel Woodward Family Day

 31 October 2019—On Saturday, October 26, 2019, Dr. Nathaniel Woodward represented the Department of Statistics and Data Sciences at the annual UT Family Day. Nathaniel has been a lecturer with SDS since Fall 2017 and teaches at the annual Summer Statistics Institute.

Nathaniel shared this description about the event:

“It was a cold and windy Saturday morning, but that didn't deter hundreds of parents from visiting our booth at CNS Family Day 2019! Most who stopped by were interested in the department itself: what courses we offered, whether we had (or were going to have) an undergraduate major, how the certificate/portfolio programs worked, our graduate programs... there were even a few questions about our short-courses and statistical consulting (from undergraduates, no less)! For those who could resist the allure of free Torchy's tacos (and hot coffee) just a few feet away inside of the GDC, a final treat was in store: they got to play the infamous Monty Hall game! Contestants pick one of three closed doors and are told they get to keep whatever is behind it: behind one of the doors, there is a new car, but behind the other two, there are goats. Once they pick, the host then opens one of the two unselected doors, revealing a goat. The contestant is given a final choice: Do you want to stay with your original door (and whatever is behind it), or switch to the remaining closed door? Assuming you want the new car, does it matter whether you stay or switch doors? Play to find out!”

UT Austin’s Family Weekend has had many names through the years, like “Dad’s Day” and “Parents Weekend,” but regardless of what it has been called, this annual fall tradition has brought generations of Longhorn Families to the Forty Acres to visit their students and to learn what it means to live the Longhorn life.
Texas Parents proudly produces this great gathering in collaboration with UT Austin departments and partners across campus. Family Weekend is the perfect opportunity to see campus through students' eyes and get to know their home away from home.  

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