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Paul Damien Edits Bayesian Theory and Applications

1 February 2013—Oxford University Press has released Bayesian Theory and Applications, a volume of essays that describe all the major ideas in Bayesian statistics, edited by McCombs Professor and SSC Core Faculty member Paul Damien. This volume honors the contributions of Sir Adrian F.M. Smith, one of the seminal Bayesian researchers with chapters authored by prominent statisticians influenced by him.

Bayesian Theory and Applications guides the reader along a statistical journey that begins with the basic structure of Bayesian theory, and then provides details on most of the past and present advances in the field. The unique format of the book has an explanatory chapter devoted to each conceptual advance followed by journal-style chapter that provide applications or further advances on the concept. Thus the text is both textbook and compendium of papers covering a vast range of topics that is appropriate for both well-informed novices and the mature reader seeking ideas that could spawn new research.

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