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Registration is Open for the 2020 Summer Statistics Institute



The Department of Statistics and Data Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin is hosting the 13th annual UT Summer Statistics Institute (SSI) May 26–29, 2020.  

Registration begins January 15, 2020

To learn more about 2020 courses and general information please visit cvent.utexas.edu/2020SSI Registration or review the 2020 SSI Brochure

UT's Summer Statistics Institute (SSI) offers intensive four-day workshops on diverse topics from introductory data sciences to advanced statistics. Whether you are new to data analysis or a seasoned statistician, SSI provides a unique hands-on opportunity to acquire valuable skills directly from experts in the field.

Each course will meet for four half-days, either mornings or afternoons, for a total of twelve hours. Instructors will post lectures, datasets, exercises, and course information on a website accessible to enrolled participants. There will be no examinations, and participants will receive certificates upon completion. Academic credit will not be issued. Please carefully check the specified prerequisite knowledge before enrolling in a course.

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