SDS Faculty Spotlight: Ramsés Mena Chávez


14 September 2017—Ramsés Mena Chávez is a Fulbright Visiting Professor hosted by the Department of Statistics and Data Sciences during 2017-18.

Tell us a little bit about yourself—educational background, work experience, etc.

I received my PhD in Statistics from the University of Bath, UK,  after completing an BSc. in Actuarial Sciences and a MSc. in Statistics, both at UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), Mexico. Since then I have been working at IIMAS-UNAM, and now I am happily enjoying a sabbatical year as a Fulbright Visiting Professor at SDS. 

What led you to choose statistics as your field?

I have chosen statistics as the field of my research, the moment I realized I have been using it all my life. In particular, I love working in Bayesian nonparametrics and its multiple interactions with the theory of stochastic processes.

Ramsés will be hosting a three-day workshop, "A Short Introduction to Nonparametric Bayes" on October 13, 20, and 27. For details:

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