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SDS FOCUS - When Stats isn't Stats (STA 309, EDP 371, etc)

23 July 2019—Acronyms quickly become an additional language to anyone studying or working at The University of Texas at Austin. Because of this, attempting to clarify questions about certain courses can be a lesson in frustration when you are not sure you have contacted the right department. Here at SDS we receive a lot of questions about STA 309 and EDP 371 courses throughout each semester.

We have outlined some important information about each course acronym below and where students can find the appropriate contacts. As always, students are welcome to contact SDS if they have any questions.

SDS is us! SDS 301 is a course offered by the Department of Statistics and Data Sciences. SDS offers graduate and undergraduate students an extensive inventory of courses as well as academic degree programs.

STA 309 Elementary Business Statistics is a course offered by IROM (Information, Risk & Operations Management) in the McCombs School of Business. (In fact, all STA courses are offered by the IROM department.) This course is restricted to students at the McCombs School of Business. See link below for details.


EDP 371 Introduction to Statistics is a course offered by the Educational Psychology department at the School of Education. See link below for details.


It is important to note while setting your course schedule that only one of the following may be counted: Educational Psychology 371, Mathematics 316, Statistics 309 or Statistics and Data Sciences 301. If you have questions about which course is best for you, speak to your academic advisor.


SDS FOCUS is a regular feature highlighting SDS courses, registration, academic programs, and general information to assist students, faculty, and staff in all things SDS. 

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