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SDS FOCUS - Why is SDS 302 closed?

Two questions come up regularly for students during the fall semester registration sessions: why is SDS 302 closed and how can I get a seat? We have assembled a quick FAQ below to give some insight into the process as well as provide some background information about why these seats are reserved or closed.

Why does it say that SDS 302 is closed?

When SDS classes are “closed” it means that there are no seats available for registration to the general student population. For fall registration, which we are in now, it means that a number of seats are held in reserve for groups and any remaining seats are scheduled to be opened during specific dates through the summer.

How many seats are held in reserve and why?

SDS 302 seats in the fall semester are held for various reasons, with the most common being requests from groups like the First-Year Interest Groups (FIG). FIGs are groups of students who take two to four classes together during their first fall at UT in order to develop a sense of community. A specific number of seats are requested by and held for the College of Natural Science FIG clusters. SDS does not assist with the assigning or enrollment of FIG clusters beyond holding seats.

What about seats not reserved for groups like FIG?

Any remaining seats are divided up among all fall registration sessions. This year, that includes the 10+ registration sessions between April and August. During each scheduled registration session, a group of seats from most SDS 302 unique numbers are released for registration. This, however, does not mean that a seat will open in all course unique numbers.

All seats are currently closed, what can I do? Will I be able to register for this class later?

Simply put, the best action is to wait until your next registration session and enroll when you see an available seat. This does require some flexibility as a seat in any specific unique is not guaranteed. Times and dates of the registration sessions will vary. If you are unable to find an available seat in during your registration window, check your registration information sheet for your next opportunity. Keep in mind, your next opportunity to enroll in a seat may be in late August. 

Students are always welcome to email SDS to see when and if seats will be opening during any given session.

Can I get on the waitlist?

SDS will not open waitlists for any SDS 302 section during the summer registration sessions. Once registration opens again in late August and the add/drop period begins, waitlists will only be turned on once all SDS 302 seats are filled. SDS administrators cannot add students to the waitlists.

When does registration open again?

Check your registration information sheet for your next available registration window, and then the long session calendar for UT registration dates. Combined, you can map out your next opportunity.

Is SDS 302 offered in the summer?

Yes. See course schedule for details.


Questions regarding undergraduate SDS courses can be directed at Abby Black (Program Coordinator)–please include 1) your EID, and 2) the course unique number in your inquiry

We hope you have a great summer!

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SDS FOCUS is a regular feature highlighting SDS courses, registration, academic programs, and general information to assist students, faculty, and staff in all things SDS. 

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