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SDS Launches Undergraduate Research Forum in Fall 2019

22 January 2020—In December 2019, almost 1800 undergraduate students enrolled in SDS 301, 302, 328M, and 358 presented their original research to their classmates, faculty, and the UT commnity at large.

This poster session replaced a traditional final exam as an innovative and engaging way to showcase what the students have learned over the semester. Student worked on their research project over the course of the semester. They developed a research question, conducted a random sample, interpreted their results, and then presented their findings. Research questions ranged from if the major a person is in correlates with the amount of study time they put in, all the way to if the flu shot really helps protect against the flu.

The poster session demonstrated that students could apply what they have learned over the course of the semester.

Here is a short recap of the fall 2019 poster session. 

Here is a long recap of the fall 2019 poster session. 

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