SDS Tutorial Videos Reach 200,000 Views!

16 September 2016—The Department of Statistics and Data Sciences has reached an impressive milestone this fall: the departmental software and hand calculation tutorial videos have been viewed a combined total of over 200,000 times!

Viewers accessed the videos directly through Department’s Video Tutorial page, as well as through embedded videos in numerous Canvas course pages and directly on YouTube. The most popular videos are Creating Boxplots in RStudio, with 18,941 views and Correlation in RStudio, with 10,614 views. In additional to over 20 R tutorials, the Department also has videos for Excel, Graphmatica, and hand calculations.

The videos were created by SDS lecturers and teaching assistants over the past five years as part of two course transformation projects (SDS 302 Data Analysis for the Health Sciences and SDS 328M Biostatistics). Initially the videos were kept private as ancillary course support for students enrolled in undergraduate introductory statistics courses. However, in 2014, the Department opened the videos to the public so that anyone looking for help with running statistical analyses could use them. Many of the videos are also currently featured on the Statistics Online Support (SOS) website.


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