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Staff Spotlight: Ramzi Saud

 Q3P5409 18 December 2017—SDS Student Assistant Ramzi Saud is graduating Fall 2017, receiving his B.A. in Economics and a Certficate in Scientific Computation.

What will you miss the most about the SDS Department & staff?
Definitely the kindness, flexibility, and understanding from everybody. This was really helpful for my mental and physical health, and made the least stressful job I have had, which is a great thing when you're a student at UT.

What are your plans after graduation?
After a round of job interviews, I'm planning to travel to NYC with a group of friends before heading off to Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam with my roommate who is also graduating. When I get back, I'll be studying for my second actuary exam, because I know I'll have missed studying so much.

What is your favorite Stat Cat memory?
Probably the first time I saw Stat Cat on the department water bottle, that's when I knew I would like this place. A close second is getting the stamps; it's weirdly fun to stamp everything with a cat wearing a cape.

What's your takeaway after being an employee in the department?
My biggest takeaway is to look for a place of work where you can tell that people around you care about your well-being.

What advice would you give the next Student Assistant?
Do all your tasks as soon as you get them, and don't wait till the end of the semester to do 40 VC1s at a time, not that I would know what that's like. 

Do you really think the Cowboys will win a Superbowl?
I KNOW they will win more than one!

What's the first thing you'll eat back in Dallas?

Realistically, whatever is in the fridge when I get home at 2AM. But I'm looking forward to whatever home cooked Arabic meal that my grandma makes, my last-semester-busy-student diet is taking a heavy toll on me.

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