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* Stata Short Courses are for current UT faculty, staff, and students.

* Seating for each class is limited to 40 students.

Instructor: Erika Hale is a statistical consultant for the Department of Statistics and Data Sciences. Full Bio

Introduction to stata

This course is designed for beginning participants not yet familiar with Stata. It will cover topics such as importing data, basic data manipulation, graphing data, descriptive analyses and simple inferential tests, such as t-tests and ANOVA.

After completing this course, a new user should be able to:

  • Import/export data from/to external files
  • Create and manipulate variables
  • Conduct t-tests and ANOVA
  • Understand basic graphing concepts
  • Use the built-in help documentation and online resources

Prerequisites: Familiarity with basic statistical concepts such as t-tests and ANOVA is
 recommended but not necessary.