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Recent Additions to the UT Summer Statistics Institute


Tasha Beretvas (Professor, Educational Psychology)

This workshop is designed to help participants master the statistical techniques used to conduct quantitative meta-analyses. The content of the workshop will focus on helping participants learn how to 1) calculate the three most frequently used kinds of effect sizes (standardized mean difference, correlation and log-odds ratio), 2) synthesize effect size estimates across studies, 3) explore variability in effect sizes as a function of sample and study characteristics (moderator analyses) using meta-regression analysis techniques, 4) handle methodological dilemmas commonly encountered in real-world meta-analyses.


Bindu Viswanathan (Lecturer, Department of Statistics and Data Sciences)

This course introduces basic concepts and methods for analyzing survival time data. We will begin by discussing contexts that give rise to survival time data, and describing the characteristics of such (time to event) data. We will discuss types of censoring, and the form of hazard and survival functions. We will compute and interpret the product limit (Kaplan-Meier) estimate of the survival function and associated confidence intervals, and perform and interpret the log-rank test for differences between survival curves with right- censored survival data. We will learn the Cox Proportional Hazards Model, estimation and interpretation of model coefficients, and test hypotheses that one or more coefficients in the regression model are zero. We will also touch upon stratification to incorporate time-varying covariates, parametric survival analysis, accelerated failure-time distributions, and frailty models.