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**If you need technical assistance with the Stat Apps Server, see the CNS Help Desk.**


The Department of Statistics and Data Sciences offers all current UT Austin students, faculty, and staff access to the following statistical and mathematical software packages through the Stat Apps Server:

  SAS    Stata     Mplus     HLM     MATLAB     Mathematica     R  


NOTICE: In January 2019, the address to the Stat Apps Server changed.  Please update your login information to the following:



Connecting to the Stat Apps Server

To remotely connect to the Stat Apps Server with a current UT EID and password, follow the directions below (depending on your operating system):

Once connected, click the Windows icon in the lower left corner and select your desired program.  You can switch from your remote desktop to your local desktop by using the minimize button on the remote desktop.


  • Do not store critical files on your Stat Apps Server profile, as they are not saved long term.  You can download files from UT Box, Dropbox, an e-mail account, etc. to access on the server.  You can also share local drives from your computer through the remote desktop connection and access files that way.
  • The Stat Apps Server does not meet the requirements for storing Category-I data.  Do not store Category-I data on your profile on the server.
  • There are a limited number of seats to the server, with an even more limited number of licenses for some software.  Please be aware that users may not have access to all software at all times.
  • The Stat Apps Server is intended for short duration personal projects, or for trying out a new software package prior to purchasing.  We do not recommend using the Stat Apps Server for work related to dissertations, theses, publications, or time-sensitive projects. We cannot guarantee that the Stat Apps Server will be available at all times, and access may be limited.


To help maintain fast server speeds, please log out of your profile instead of simply closing the remote desktop window when you are done using the server.



REtrieving files from the old Server

The old server addresses, apps1.stat.utexas.edu or apps2.stat.utexas.edu, was deactivated Friday, Febrary 19, 2016.  Any files you saved on the old servers can be retrieved by following these steps:

  1. Open an internet browser.
  2. Enter the following path: https://webdav.austin.utexas.edu/eid/ replacing the "eid" with your EID.
  3. Enter your EID and password.