Ph.D. Program Poster Session

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Featured Speaker(s): PhD Students
Cost: Free
Ph.D. Poster Session


Ph.D. students in their 4th year and above will present their research illustrating their methods and outcomes.

Land-Use Filtering for Nonstationary Prediction of Collective Efficacy in an Urban Environment
Brandon Carter

Divide And Conquer Bayesian Panel Tensor Decomposed Vars
Jingjing Fan    

CARD: Classification and Regression Diffusion Models
Xizewen Han    

Embedding Graphs with Multiple Hidden Communities
Yilin He (IROM)

Model-Free Bayesian Meta-Analysis    
Ciara Nugent    

Marginal and Intractable Likelihood Estimation Using the Fourier Integral Theorem
Frank Rotiroti    

Performance of a Semiparametric Generalized Linear Model in Selected Analysis Setting
Rimli Sengupta

POUF: Prompt-Oriented Unsupervised Fine-Tuning for Large Pre-Trained Models
Korawat Tanwisuth    

Data Dependent Posterior Distribution
Mengjie Wang    

A Non-Homogeneous Count Process: Marginalizing A Poisson Driven Cox Process
Shuying Wang    

A Unified Framework for Alternating Offline Model Training and Policy Learning
Shentao Yang (IROM)

Shujian "Steve" Zhang

Truncated Diffusion Probabilistic Model
Huangjie Zheng    


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