Ph.D. Program Poster Session

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Featured Speaker(s): PhD Students
Cost: Free
Ph.D. Poster Session


Ph.D. students in their 4th year and above will present their research illustrating their methods and outcomes.

A Mixture of Directed Graphical Models Approximation for Discrete Markov Random Fields
Brandon Carter

Martingale Posterior Distributions for Log-concave Density Functions
Fuheng Cui

Utilizing Bayesian Optimization for Efficient Dispersion Curve Feature Acquisition
Amber Day

Bayesian Approaches for Geometric and Dynamic Network Embedding
Yiwei Gong

Diffusion Boosted Trees
Xizewen Han

Complex Heterogeneity in the Utility of a Surrogate Marker
Rebecca Knowlton

Adapting BCF Priors for Ordinal Responses Reveals More about Who Benefits from a High-Profile Mindsets Intervention
Anna Morgan

Localized Inference in Neuroimaging via Hidden Markov Tensor Partition Fields
Blake Moya   

A Decision-Theoretic Approach to Meta-Analysis
Ciara Nugent

Comparative Analysis of a Semi-Parametric Generalized Linear Model in Selected Analysis Settings
Rimli Sengupta

Estimating Heterogeneous Causal Mediation Effects with Bayesian Decision Tree Ensembles
Angela Ting

Bayesian Data Augmentation for Partially Observed Stochastic Compartmental Models
Shuying Wang

Prompt-Diffusion: In-Context Learning Unlocked for Diffusion Models
Zhendong Wang



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