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Featured Speaker(s): Lindsay Berry
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The Department for Statistics and Data Sciences at UT Austin presents its Spring 23 Seminar Series with speaker Dr. Lindsay Berry


The Spring 2023 SDS Seminar Series continues on Friday, March 24th from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. with Dr. Lindsay Berry (Statistical Scientist at Berry Consultants). This event is in-person, but a virtual option will be available as well.

Title: Bayesian platform trial for treatment of COVID-19

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic created an urgent need for treatments of severely ill patients in a time of great uncertainty. The traditional clinical trial approach was inefficient and too slow to rapidly evaluate many candidate therapies and answer the emerging questions of the pandemic. Platform trials are designed to simultaneously evaluate multiple therapies and to add and drop arms throughout the trial, making them particularly well-suited to respond to the pandemic. Lindsay will present on her perspective as a statistician for a Bayesian platform trial, REMAP-CAP, that randomized thousands of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 and evaluated dozens of interventions. This talk will describe the adaptive features of the trial, the Bayesian statistical model driving adaptations, and several of the important findings published in JAMA and NEJM. 


Robert L. Patton Building (RLP) 0.128


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