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The Certificate in Applied Statistical Modeling is available to all undergraduates and requires 18 semester hours of courses. Click the following links for more detail:


The Certificate in Applied Statistical Modeling equips undergraduate students with the tools necessary to understand how to apply statistics to their primary field of study. This certificate program is designed to complement diverse degree programs and to appeal to students across the University in engineering, science, economics, mathematics, and many other disciplines. Certificate students will fulfill a two-course sequence on applied statistics, data mining or machine learning, take one course on the mathematical foundations of statistics, and complete three elective courses (nine hours) in statistics, machine learning, econometrics, etc. from the approved elective list. Only one introductory statistics course may count towards the certificate. No "credit by examination"  or "CR" coursework can be used to fulfill course requirements.


How to Sign Up

All current undergraduate students may sign up for the certificate at the following link:



Course Requirements

Course requirements depend on which undergraduate catalog the certificate is being pursued under.  Please note the minimum grade requirements specified at the top of each document:




For course registration after Fall 2021, some course names have changed. See the changes here.

If a course that is listed on the requirements document for your catalog year does not show up on your degree audit, send an email (see contact information below) and we will correct it for you.

Note: All "Topics" courses must receive approval to be included in the certificate coursework.  Please fill out the ASM Certificate Course Petition Form for consideration.

Course Petitions

If you would like to petition a course that is not listed on the requirements document for your catalog year, fill out the:

ASM Certificate Course Petition Form

In this form, you will be asked to provide a detailed syllabus of the course you are petitioning and a brief explantion for why it should fulfill a specific certificate requirement.  Please read the following items carefully before submitting a course petition:

  • Course petitions will only be considered for students currently enrolled in the certificate program.
  • Petitions are considered on an individual basis. There is no formal or informal list of previously-approved courses.
  • Run an Interactive Degree Audit (IDA) prior to submitting a petition to ensure that your course isn't already being recognized (some courses approved under other catalog years might already be counting towards your certificate!).
  • Our faculty committee reviews course petitions once per month and there is a limit of one course petition per student for each review period. 
  • We will email you with the status of your petition (approved or denied) after the review is completed. 

For extenuating circumstances (i.e. you are graduating and would like to petition two courses at once), send us an email (see contact information below) and we will consider your request.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the requirements?
A: You will complete 18 semester hours as specified in the course requirements (see above). Minimum grade requirements are detailed under each catalog year, and no "credit by exam" or CR coursework can be used.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: CLICK HERE and log-in with your EID and password.  Select Statistics and Data Sciences and then the certificate you want to pursue.

Q: How do I know my current progress towards the certificate’s requirements?
A: You can request an interactive degree audit at the following link: CLICK HERE

Q: What if a course I thought counted towards the certificate doesn't show up on my degree audit?
A: Contact us!  Sometimes we have to send in a request for a manual override when certain approved courses fail to show up.

Q: What if I took a course that I want to petition to count towards the certificate?
A: Fill out the ASM Certificate Course Petition Form for consideration by our faculty committee.

Q: Can Certificate courses also fulfill my degree requirements?
A: Some courses that are required by the certificate will also fulfill degree requirements established by a student's major department. 

Q: Will the certificate appear on my transcript?
A: Yes. 


Contact and Office Hours

In-person office hours are suspended through the Spring 2021 semester.

Email us at stat.certificates@austin.utexas.edu with any questions about the certificate. Please include your UT EID in all correspondence.