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    The Certificate in Applied Statistical Modeling equips undergraduate students with the tools necessary to understand how to apply statistics to their primary field of study. This certificate program is designed to complement diverse degree programs and to appeal to students across the University in engineering, science, economics, mathematics, and many other disciplines. Certificate students will fulfill a two-course sequence on applied statistics, data mining or machine learning, take one course on the mathematical foundations of statistics, and complete three elective courses (nine hours) in statistics, machine learning, econometrics, etc. from the approved elective list. Only one introductory statistics course may count towards the certificate. No "credit by examination"  or "CR" coursework can be counted.

    Students must complete 18 semester hours of courses as follows in "Course Requirements."

    How to Apply

    Download Application HERE.

    Please return all applications to GDC 7.408, Campus Mail Code: D9800.

    NOTE: Please apply after you have completed the prerequisite.

    Course Requirements

    Course requirements depend on the undergraduate catalog that students intend to earn the certificate under. 



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What are the requirements?

    A: You will complete 18 semester hours as specified in the coursework guidelines. You must earn a letter grade of B- or better in all courses required for certification.

    Q: How do I sign up?

    A: Submit an application form to the SDS office in GDC 7.408, D9800. Students are encouraged to apply early in their course of study. The SDS department will help each student choose an appropriate course sequence.


Q: Can Certificate courses also fulfill my degree requirements?

    A: Some courses that are required by the certificate will also fulfill degree requirements established by a student's major department. 

    Q: Will the certificate appear on my transcript?

A: Yes. 



    For additional information about the Certificate in Applied Statistical Modeling program and application process, email Vicki Keller at vicki.keller[@]cns[dot]utexas[dot]edu.