Research Paper Requirement

Learn about the required research paper for the Scientific Computation and Data Sciences Certificate.

Research Project and Paper

The culminating requirement for the Certificate in Scientific Computation and Data Sciences is an original research project.  Taken after all other certificate requirements are fulfilled (or concurrently with the last course), students find a faculty supervisor and propose a research topic that applies the tools and techniques of computation to a scientific discipline in the pursuit of new knowledge.  Students write a research paper that presents their original work or discusses a new technique. It is the responsibility of the student to find a faculty supervisor for their research project.

Research Project Process

Please read through the following documents for a description of the research paper process and information on how to register for the SDS research course:

Research Faculty Contract

The Research Contract, including a one-page description of the proposed project, must be received one week prior to the first class day the research will be conducted to be considered for approval by our faculty committee. Once approved, the department will register the student in SDS 379R under the specified faculty supervisor.

Research Paper Cover Page

Students completing their research project should use the official template below when submitting their paper by the specified deadline: