Prerequisite Exam for Applied Statistical Modeling Portfolio

The prerequisite exam is an option for students who want to apply for the Portfolio in Applied Statistical Modeling program and did not receive an A in the prerequisite course.

The 1.5-hour long exam will be held multiple times per year (typically the second Tuesdays in January, April, August and October; in advance of major registration periods).

Please complete the online registration form to receive details of the upcoming exam.

The following topics will be covered: descriptive statistics (e.g., mean, median, standard deviation), z-scores, point and interval estimation, sampling distributions, power and errors in hypothesis testing, p-values, t-tests, ANOVA, chi-square test of independence, correlation and bivariate linear regression.

Optional study text: OpenIntro Statistics, Fourth Edition (Diez, Barr, and Cetinkaya-Rundel 2015). 

For additional information, please email Dr. Bindu Viswanathan at