Portfolio in Scientific Computation Course Requirements

Core Requirements

SDS 392 Intro to Scientific Programming 
Note: Students who are already competent in C and Fortran may opt to take an additional elective in place of this course. Differential and Integral Calculus (e.g., M 408C) is a prerequisite for this course.

SDS 394 Scientific/Technical Computing 
Note: Multivariable Calculus (e.g., M 408D) is a prerequisite for this course.


Choose one elective from the current list of approved electives.

Independent Study

Under the supervision of a portfolio faculty supervisor, the student must successfully complete a research project as part of a 3-credit independent study course that is focused on applying computational techniques to the student's research area of interest.

The independent study should be conducted after all other coursework is complete or concurrently with the last program course.

Any qualified UT faculty member can be the supervisor. All students must present their final projects at the Portfolio Program's end-of-semester colloquium.

For more information and to register for the SDS research course, download the Research Registration Form.

The deadline to submit the Research Registration Form is one week prior to the first class day of the semester you will be working on the project.  Once approved, we will register you in SDS 389R under your faculty supervisor.

Students completing their research project should use the official cover page template:

 Cover Page Template (MS Word) 

Additional Information

For additional information, email Dr. Bindu Viswanathan at bindu@austin.utexas.edu.