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SC Cert

The Certificate in Scientific Computation & Data Sciences is available to all undergraduates interested in the use of mathematical, statistical and computer-based techniques to investigate complex systems. Students must complete 18 semester hours of courses including an independent research project.


Computation is transforming the process of scientific discovery as an increasing number of scientific endeavors utilize significant computational resources. Predictions and hypothesis from traditional hypothesis driven science can now be assessed and substantiated with computation. These computational resources are also the major driving force behind the newer and complementary data-driven science. 

This certificate program provides undergraduates with an opportunity to enrich their field of study, albeit biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, economics, or medicine with applied computation, ranging from the development of and analysis with algorithm, database, statistical or visualization code. This program is fulfilled with a series of computational classes, and culminated with an individual project that utilizes computation to address a scientific inquiry.


How to Sign Up

All current undergraduate students may sign up for the certificate at the following link:



Course Requirements

Course requirements depend on which undergraduate catalog the certificate is being pursued under.  Please note the minimum grade requirements specified at the bottom of each document:



Note: All "Topics" courses must receive approval to be included in the certificate coursework.  Email the course syllabus to stat[dot]certificates[at]austin[dot]utexas[dot]edu for consideration.


The culminating requirement for the Certificate in Scientific Computation & Data Sciences is that you conduct original research and write a research paper on some aspect of scientific computation. The paper might present original work or discuss a new technique. This original project should clearly apply the tools and techniques of computation to a scientific discipline in the pursuit of new knowledge. 

Please read through the following documents for a description of the research paper process and information on how to register for the SDS research course:

Students completing their research project should use the official COVER PAGE TEMPLATE

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the requirements?

A: You will complete 18 semester hours, including a research project, as specified in the coursework guidelines. You must earn a letter grade of C- or better in all courses required for certification.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: CLICK HERE and log-in with your EID and password.  Select Statistics and Data Sciences and then the certificate you want to apply to.

Q: How do I know my current progress towards the certificate’s requirements?
A: You can request an interactive degree audit at the following link: CLICK HERE

Q: What if a course I thought counted towards the certificate doesn't show up on my degree audit?
A: Contact us!  Sometimes we have to send in a request for a manual override when certain approved courses fail to show up.

Q: Can Certificate courses also fulfill my degree requirements?
A: Some courses that are required by the certificate will also fulfill degree requirements established by a student's major department. 

Q: Will the certificate appear on my transcript?

A: Yes, your official UT transcript will state that you completed the Undergraduate Certificate Program in Scientific Computation.


Contact and Office Hours

Spring 2020 in-person office hours are cancelled.

Email us at stat[dot]certificates[at]austin[dot]utexas[dot]edu with any questions about the certificate. Please include your UT EID in all correspondence.