Electronic Course Instructor Surveys (eCIS)

Statistics and Data Sciences utilizes the electronic survey for all courses and instructors. The Course Instructor Survey is used to provide the instructor with feedback from his or her students, permit statistical analyses concerning instruction in a school or college as a whole and provide students with information about specific instructors.

Reminder: During eCIS administration, the instructor or TA should not be present during the survey.


Administering eCIS in Class:

The eCIS can be administered during class time following the same guidelines as the paper form. Students can use laptops, tablets or smartphones to complete the survey in class. Any student not present will still have the ability to fill out the electronic form until the last day. 

Refer to the FAQ below for tips on increasing responses and feedback with eCIS.


eCIS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: What day of the semester is the count taken to establish the enrollment for a class?

A: Enrollment counts used within the CIS system are taken on the 12th class day and at the opening of the Registrar's grades submission period.


Q: When are the eCIS surveys administered?

A: Fall and spring: The last two weeks of class, until the last day of class.

    Summer: The survey period is the last week of class.


Q: Where do students go to take the eCIS?

A: The eCIS can be found at https://utdirect.utexas.edu/ctl/ecis/index.WBX.


Q: Will students receive notification that an electronic survey exists for the class?

A: Yes. Both students and instructors/TAs of classes who are participating in the eCIS will receive four email notifications. Emails will be automatically sent out during the eCIS administration period on the opening day, 3 days after opening day, 2 days before closing, and the last day.


Q: Is there anything I can do to increase response rates if I use eCIS?

A: Suggested strategies include:

  • Discuss in class the uses for and importance of student feedback on the survey
  • Send students personal reminders by e-mail and to educate them about the importance of their evaluations
  • Utilize class time to "administer" the mobile-adaptive eCIS to students (just as in paper CIS administration)


Q: How do overall ratings of the instructor and of the course on the eCIS differ compared to ratings on the paper CIS?

A: National and UT-specific research indicates that the ratings do not differ significantly between paper and electronic forms, either at UT Austin or at other institutions.


Q: When will the eCIS results be available for viewing?

A: Provisional results for eCIS are available for viewing via MyCIS two days after grades have been posted. Official results are released by the 8th week of the following semester.


Q: Where can I go to see CIS results?

A: MyCIS, https://utdirect.utexas.edu/ctl/ecis/results/mycis.WBX

    Official CIS results, https://utdirect.utexas.edu/ctl/ecis/results/index.WBX