Pursuant to HB 33, The University of Texas at Austin must ensure that students have access to affordable course materials by decreasing costs and enhancing transparency and disclosure with respect to the selection, purchase, sale and use of course materials. The intent is to encourage all the involved parties – faculty, students, administrators, bookstores, publishers and distributors – to work together to decrease the cost of college textbooks and supplemental materials while maintaining academic freedom and high quality course materials.

The University Co-op, the university affiliated bookstore, in close cooperation with the Registrar’s Office, manages this course material information. The university has agreed to provide the Co-op with a list of required and recommended textbook and course materials no later than 45 days before the first class day each semester. Statistics and Data Sciences administrative staff will be in contact prior to the deadline to collect any missing textbook information.

More information regarding HB 33 can be found here: