Grade sheets are available after the last class day of a semester or summer term. Recorded grades may be verified online through the last day of grade reporting. Grades submitted online are available for review by instructors of record and their designees.

Final grades for organized courses are due 5 days after the regularly scheduled final exam date for the course. Final grades for classes that have regularly scheduled meeting times but no final examinations are due at the same time they would have been if examinations had been scheduled.

Grades for individual instruction courses and courses with no meeting time are due 5 days after the last class day, which is the first day of finals. You can submit your grades online, as well as see when grades are due at SDS Administrators will send out reminders regarding individual instruction as the due date draws near.

Posting students’ grades by student name, social security number, UT EID, or other identifiable information constitutes a violation of federal law, namely, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”). Similarly, returning student papers and exams in a manner that allows students to see other students’ grades is also a violation of FERPA. An example would be leaving graded papers in a stack for students to see as they pick up their own papers. When posting grades and returning graded work, faculty should do so in a secure manner that allows students only to see their own grade. Papers and exams should be in individual sealed envelopes if left for students to pick up.

The symbol X is not issued for student or faculty convenience; it may be issued for one of the following reasons only in the case of compelling, nonacademic circumstances beyond the student's control:  1) missing the final examination; 2) incomplete classroom assignments; or 3) reexamination petition.

X | Temporary delay of final course grade.

If the final course grade is not reported before the end of the next long-session grade reporting period, a grade of F is recorded for the course. The X symbol remains on the student's record. For more, see General Information. A graduate student may be assigned an X if the student has not completed all assignments before a course ends.

If the final course grade is not reported by the end of the grade reporting period in the student's next long-session semester of enrollment, the symbol I (permanent incomplete) is recorded for the course.

If the student is not enrolled during a long-session semester for twenty-four months following the end of the semester in which the X is reported, and the instructor does not report a final grade, then the symbol I is recorded for the course.